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"RemediiRx's storefront has given us precise control over our product visibility and pricing. It has been a game-changer for our pharmacy's operations."

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What is RemediiRx?

Your Prescription for Success

Custom Storefront

With RemediiRx, the storefront offers a cutting-edge platform that delivers a seamless user experience. Customers will appreciate the streamlined access to the storefront, detailed product insights, a variety of payment methods, and custom pricing structures, all integrated within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Inventory Management

Our inventory management system, RemediiRx, is completely customizable to your business and testing processes for your operations. Each action and modification is meticulously recorded to maintain strict adherence to CGMP standards.

Order Fulfillment

Our fulfillment processes are designed for adaptability, offering a range of payment options, shipping methods, and financial reporting capabilities. RemediiRx integrates with various payment systems and shipping partners. It supports the automated sending of customer emails triggered by specific order-related events, ensuring timely and relevant communication.

Industry Compliance

At RemediiRx, we monitor the most recent compliance updates and changes issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help our customers maintain compliance.

Batch Scheduling & Forecasting

Leveraging the power of sales data, RemediiRx accurately forecasts upcoming order quantities to ensure your inventory remains well-stocked. It intelligently schedules raw material procurement, batch production, and testing activities based on these projections.


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RemediiRx facilitates secure interactions between patients and physicians, enables the electronic submission and management of prescriptions, oversees subscription services, and streamlines payment processing, all with a steadfast commitment to data security and privacy.

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About RemediiRx

Your Partner in Innovation

At RemediiRx, we're more than just a software provider—we're your dedicated partner in pharmacy automation and innovation. Our team is committed to working hand-in-hand with you to overcome unique challenges and elevate your pharmacy operations to new levels of efficiency and compliance.

As your partner in innovation, we ensure optimal system setup and offer a fully customizable admin UI tailored to your needs. Our commitment is driven by an understanding of the vital role pharmacies play in communities, motivating us to provide prompt support and ongoing technological advancements to foster your success.

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​​503B bulk-ordering e-commerce solution


Batch scheduling with forecasting


​​Inventory management


​​503A & 503B prescription management

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